Koolay Accelerator Programs

We're thrilled to announce that Koolay has been accepted into two prestigious accelerator programs: Microsoft's Startup Founder Hub Accelerator and NVIDIA's AI Inception Program. This marks a significant milestone in our journey, showcasing our commitment to innovation and excellence in the tech ecosystem.

Microsoft's Startup Founder Hub Accelerator

Microsoft's Startup Founder Hub Accelerator is designed to empower startups by providing them with critical resources to overcome early-stage challenges. Open to all founders, regardless of their funding status, the program offers up to $150,000 in Azure credits, access to development and productivity tools, mentorship opportunities, and exclusive benefits from innovative companies like OpenAI. The program aims to eliminate traditional barriers for startups by offering technology benefits that grow with the startup, mentorship, and guidance to accelerate development and innovation​​​​.

NVIDIA's AI Inception Program

NVIDIA's AI Inception Program is tailored for cutting-edge AI startups, providing them with access to NVIDIA's deep learning expertise, technology, and marketing support. It's well-known for helping startups specializing in AI to scale their operations, innovate faster, and bring revolutionary AI solutions to market.

Our Next Steps

Leveraging these opportunities, Koolay is set to migrate its technical infrastructure to Azure, utilizing Azure's high-performance capabilities tailored for AI workloads. With Azure, we will deploy and manage our solutions more effectively, utilizing tools like Azure Machine Learning for easy training and deployment of AI models. This will not only enhance our product offerings but also align with Microsoft's principles for Responsible AI, ensuring secure and responsible deployment of AI solutions​​.

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